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Heather Roberts

Hello,  my name is Heather and i had the privilege of knowing Andrew for over 24 years and being his wife for 16 of them.  

He not only enriched my life but also that of my three girls from a previous marriage. Later on together we had another beautiful daughter.  I wanted to set up this foundation not only to continue Andrews charitable work but to honour the man that he was and always will be to many.   I was fortunate enough to be able to care for him at home until he passed away but not everyone is, so our foundation is set up to help others manage, and look after and spend quality time with their loved ones.  I am currently studying my Counselling Diploma with a major in Grief and Loss. 

Katharine Anderson

Eldest Daughter:  Biog coming soon

Jennifer Mifsud

I have held this photo close to my heart for over 6 months. There are no words to describe the emotions you go through having your loved one not only suffer from this horrible disease, but to have them in palliative care... in other words dying... with nothing you can do. The overwhelming feeling of hopelessness the feeling you are letting them down, giving up. We were lucky to be by dad's side at his last breath. We were lucky to have each other and the support from friends and family. Our foundation wants to help keep families together at this crucial moment. Leave all worries of equipment hire, washing, cleaning to us. The chores can wait. For myself I still had my own children. I still had school lunches to pack washing to do, so when Mum sent a cleaner to my house the small gesture was enormous in my world at that moment. Focus on what's important. Eachother. Because when you get told months to live, it very quickly turn into weeks... days.... hours...   

Amy Gardam

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Daughter and instructor who works in the family business. 

Samantha Roberts

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Daughter. Biography coming soon

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