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Kyoshi Andrew Roberts

Kyoshi Andrew Roberts was an Instructor in Martial Arts and owned and operated four Martial Arts Schools throughout the Yarra Valley.  He was well known in the industry and community alike.  In 2015 Kyoshi received an Australia Day Award for recognition of his services within the community and his continued support for various charities. .. Kyoshi was not only an Instructor, but also a Mentor, Friend, Teacher, Father and a Loving Husband.  


Sadly he was first diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV on the 15th of June 2015, after suffering from numerous headaches, memory loss, dizzy spells, personality changes and bouts of vomiting.   He was taken to the local dr who sent him to the emergency department.  From there he was told it was some kind of tumour, following his first craniotomy and biopsy he was told it was cancer. What followed was an intense round of Radiation to his brain, six months of chemotherapy, two more craniotomies and a session of clinical trials all of which unfortunately did not help reduce or kill the tumour.

He stopped all treatment in October when he started to lose his walking ability and memory, he knew the treatment wasn't working.  


He passed away at home surrounded by his wife and daughters, still holding the hand of his beloved wife on November 22nd at 2.55pm. 2016.   He is greatly missed. 


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