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Today we had the absoloute pleasure of meeting young Roan. He is a beautiful young man who has had a tough life being diagnosed with a tumour at the age of three, and a recurrance last year. Such a fighter he is, and in good hands with Charlie Teo.

A few letters that we have received from the nurses or patients themselves whom we have helped. 


Hello Heather,

I have spoken with the wife J. She was in tears with relief.   (financial grant)

Regards ?

Dear Heather,

The T family wish to thank you/ the KARF from the bottom of their hearts. 

Mr. T. died at home last Saturday mid morning, surrounded by his family. There is absolutely no way they could have achieved this without the support of the KARF funding. From your funding Mr. T was able to receive 3 nights of overnight PCA/respite and 8 hours of PCA respite during the day. 

Thank you!

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