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Beginning of the Foundation

Kyoshi Andrew Roberts Foundation came about after realising how important it was for family to be around Andrew. As soon as we told the Drs that Andrew wanted to stop treatment, they went into action of going to find a hospice to put him in.

I firmly said NO, he will be coming home with me and he did.

However this took a lot of care and involved many tasks and If it wasn't for the help of our four daughters who came every day and did the menial jobs to help us out, i think it would have been too much pressure to take on for one person.

Whilst we had Palliative Care and District nurses, we still needed to change sheets, bathe, and wash etc. We heard many stories from people wishing they could have given their loved ones the same amount of time and energy to keep them at home for as long as possible.

So started the idea to help families of the patients as well as the patient themselves to remain at home if they so wished to do so.

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