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All Aboard

When a fit, health and energetic martial arts instructor forgets the names of his family and how to instruct his classes, alarm bells start ringing. Then comes the dreaded diagnosis of a brain tumour with the words "terminal cancer" attached, and you suddenly find yourself on the hardest, most terrifying ride of your life, and all you long for is the train to STOP so you can all get off.

All Aboard is the story of Kyoshi Andrew Roberts and how his family deal with slowly losing him while he is still alive, and how cancer invades your everyday living.

But it is also a story of love and hope, and of a family uniting to keep their loved one at home where he belongs. Please take a seat and board the train.....

If you would like a copy please text 0409211870 and we will arrange to send a copy out.

Cost is $35 and ALL proceeds go towards the foundation.

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